Sheet Laser Cutting, Tube Laser Cutting, Tube Bending, CNC Forming, Welding, PEM insertion, Secondary Operations


GHI Manufactures Solutions- and that starts with us utilizing an exceptional lineup of engineering programs, processes and team members dedicated to your project.

Sheet Laser Cutting

One of our many specialties, sheet cutting and processing with lasers, water jet, shearing and turret punch capabilities put us, as well as you, ahead of the rest.

Tube Laser Cutting

A strong contingent of tube cutting equipment and technology puts us at the forefront for any of your tube cutting projects.


GHI has an un-matched reputation for exceptional quality, detail and efficiency. We are welding specialists and will exceed your expectations.

CNC Forming

Industry leading forming services, equipment and experience sets GHI apart from the others. A stellar roster of press brakes assures that your project is done right and on time.

Tube Bending

When only the best will do, GHI is the choice for tube bending. CNC technology and decades of experience gives you assurance of versatile, fast and high quality results.

Secondary Operations

GHI truly puts the finishing touch on your finished project with a vast array of Secondary Operations that defines our companies motto, GHI Manufactures Solutions. We are the one-stop-shop.

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