Tube Laser Cutting Services

Tube Laser Service: Round, rectangle, square, angle, channel and special shaped material

Tube laser cutting is another key strength of GHI as we continue to meet and exceed the demands of our customers fabrication needs with our equipments continued technology advancements, dependability and experience.

Tube Laser Cutting is a GHI speciality offering tube cutting equipment services the SE WI and Northern IL Regions

Heading up the roster of tube cutting equipment is the BLM LT8 Tube Laser with a massive 27' 11" feed capable of cutting 8.625" road tube or 8" rectangle, square, angle, channel or special shaped material. The neighboring BLM LT Fiber Tube Laser handles up to 5.5" round, square or rectangular material and also boasts a 27' 11" feed capacity. While GHI's Trumpf Trulaser 3030 is an amazing sheet laser powerhouse, it also does wonders with tube laser cutting of up to 15" round, square or rectangle tube.

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